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Tax Time! See How Easily You Can Download Financial Statements

The tax deadline is approaching and most likely you’re collecting financial documents. If you’ve chosen to go green and use paperless statements, this can be a lengthy task.

file-this-freeI’m using FileThis to help automate the chore. FileThis fetches bank statements for me and deposits them into my DropBox account. Other drop zones are available, like Evernote and Google Drive.

You can connect up to six institutions with their Forever Free plan and they’ll fetch all available statements, regardless of how many accounts you have. Save the most time by prioritizing the institutions where you have the most accounts.

Not Just Banks

Use this not just for bank statements, but bills, receipts, and insurance policies as well. More than six connections require a paid plan, ranging from $2 to $5 per month. So far I’m still a free rider. For the remaining statements I need to collect, I use email filters to file notifications into a single folder and process them in batch once month.

FileThis calls themselves a “digital mailbox” service.  Note that they do not store your documents; they simply deliver them. Choose a reputable cloud storage provider, like DropBox, as the final destination. As always, granting any kind of access to your online accounts is a calculated risk.

Paws up! If you use the referral link to subscribe to FileThis, we both get an extra free connection. Our total earnings are summarized here, and at year’s end we add any income from this blog to our annual support of the Delaware Humane Association.

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