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Set the Mood with Music Curated by Songza

Pandora is cool, but I find their playlists can be a bit repetitious. Right now I’m loving Songza, another free music streaming service.

Songza helps me set the mood right by suggesting playlists by activity. It uses the day, time, device type, and my location to deliver expertly curated, human-made music playlists. Recently it partnered with The Weather Company and now pulls in weather information to build even more context around what I might want to listen to.

This afternoon Songza offered up these activities:


I’m sitting at my desk tapping on a computer, so naturally I clicked “Hosting a Sexy Pool Party”.


Next I was offered a few styles within this genre, and I picked “Chic Pool Party”.


Lastly I was asked to pick a professionally curated playlist, and I chose Poolside Chic. This playlist has more instrumentals and less vocals, so it’s great for background working music.

Songza’s DJs are much cooler than I am. The music is awesome, and I love the variety.

Thanks Songza!


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