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It’s 10 PM. Do You Know Where Your Passwords Are?

I just discovered that over 250 passwords Chrome had saved to my computer were now available on any Chrome or Android app across all my devices.

This new feature called Smart Lock for Passwords is turned ON by default. Whao Google, how about a little notice?!

Reviewing all those saved passwords was like a trip down memory lane. Defunct sites, abandoned email addresses, logins for my husband, even sites I had no memory of whatsoever. No batch delete is available so I spent about an hour deleting every saved password one by one. Then I turned off Smart Lock.

You can review your saved Google passwords and do some editing of your own. Then, if you already use a password manager like 1Password or Dashlane, turn off Smart Lock.

Turn off Google Smart Lock


Better Password Managers Are Available

Smart Lock only works on Chrome and Android, so if you use a different web browser, iPhone, or even non-Chrome Windows applications, you’re out of luck. I use 1Password and find it strikes the best balance of convenience and security that you’ll find today. It’s available for both desktop and iOS.

For Your Phone!

For Your Desktop!

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