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Fun News Site for Young Kids

Here There Everywhere is a news website written for elementary school-aged children. Its aim is to get kids interested in the people and places shaping our world. There are interesting stories covering science, space, weather, people, politics, and more. Mix some HTE headlines into your summer reading  – it’s good for kids, and a refreshing read for adults too.

Real News, Age Appropriate

The site is carefully curated for children. You won’t find the Sandusky trial here, but there are heavier topics presented in a non-scary way.

Photo credit: NOAA/David Baxter

For example, the story of the Japanese teenager who lost his entire house in last year’s tsunami disaster. In April his soccer ball turned up on the shores of Alaska, and the man who found it happened to have a Japanese wife. They were able to track down the teen and return the ball to him.

We learned that most of the tsunami fall-out will hit land in 2013, and talked about how ocean currents move across the globe.

Refreshing Read for Adults Too

Brian’s favorite category – WOW! – is sure to please younger kids and adults alike. Take this story, which filled me with hope for the future. Not all teenagers spend their spare time hanging out at the mall!

Lego Man Goes To Space

In a homemade experiment, two 17-year old Canadian high school students amazed everyone, including themselves, when they successfully sent a Lego man into near space. Their cameras captured incredible pictures and video. Brian loved it!

Photo credit: Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammed

Photo credit: Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammed

The pair thought of everything – from the styrofoam container to house the cameras and GPS unit and protect the electronics from cold and condensation, to the handwarmers to keep them from freezing. They also figured how to use a sewing machine to make a parachute, and tested the landing from a rooftop. Way to go guys! That’s a Blue Ribbon at the Science Fair for sure.

About the Founder

Before becoming a mom, Claudia Heitler booked and produced stories for NBC’s Today show. When kids arrived, she left her job but never lost interest in what was going on in the world. She read the news to her kids in the bath, calling it The Bathtub Report. From there the practice evolved into HTE. Thanks Claudia for bringing your vision to the Web!

Thank you to readers Kristin and Max for helping me test out Here There and Everywhere. Happy Summer!

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