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Find the Lowest Price with Invisible Hand

Just in time for holiday shopping – my favorite little trick for finding the lowest prices online. Invisible Hand is a free add-on for your web browser that displays an unobtrusive notification at the top of the page when it finds lower prices available on the product or flight you’re shopping for.

What I like about this tool is that it works quietly in the background. Unlike other “savings” tools, it doesn’t suggest new products. It simply presents lower price alternatives for a product that I’m actively looking for already.

There’s a better price.

For example, when I looked at the “Fur Real Friends Puppy” toy on Amazon, it was selling for $58.76. About ten seconds after landing on the toy’s page, the yellow Invisible Hand bar appeared at the top, letting me know that Toys-R-Us was selling it for almost $30 cheaper. Ho ho ho!

You’re Getting the Best Price

Best price

Best price

Invisible Hand will also let you know when you’re looking at the best possible price, like this basketball board and net combo I bought from Target when an enormous fallen tree knocked out our old one.

Find It Cheaper

Click “retailers” for a drop-down list of alternative links for the same product.

Get the Best Airfare

Invisible Hand can help you find the lowest airfare as well.

Bottom Line

  • Invisible Hand is a free browser add-on that promises no adware, and works across more than 600 online retailers and 500 airlines to help you find the best price.
  • While it likely won’t run on smaller boutique stores or unique items, it’s great for commodity type products like toys and electronics.
  • Take a minute to install Invisible Hand and help save Santa some money this year!

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  1. Karen Cohen

    12/17/2011 at 4:16 pm

    Very nice to have!!!!!

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