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Conserving Data on the Run

I don’t have an unlimited data plan for my phone. I pay for 300 MB. A month. That’s it! So before heading off for my morning run (see how I made that sound like I run everyday?) I download the podcast I want to listen to first.

IMG_3284Today I listened to “Is the World Ready for a Guaranteed Basic Income?” which discussed, among other dynamics, AI (artificial intelligence) and the technological destruction of jobs.

(Give Freakonomics a listen if you’d rather hear real economists discuss complicated issues, relishing all the devilish details, instead of politicians and their watered down to an easily digestible sound bite version.)

Make sure you’ve turned cellular OFF for the Podcast app that you use. I just use the default Podcasts app by Apple.

In fact, go in there (General Settings -> Cellular) and turn cellular OFF for all apps except the ones that you might actually need when there’s no WiFi around.

You know, like Maps, Weather, and Find iPhone. And that’s about it.

At the tail end of my route I pass by an old cemetery. John Coleman, circa 1825, could never have imagined me snapping a digital pic of his marker and uploading it to Instagram while listening to a podcast on a smartphone.

Is this progress? You decide.


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