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Who isn’t busy? We could all use a little help with the household chores. Here is the best $10 I’ve spent recently. I finally tried out online grocery shopping. If there is a grocery store near you that offers this service, try it out! Here’s how it works at my store.

After creating my login and user profile, I spent some time building my “master list”.  These are the items I buy every week.  Bread, milk, yogurt, juice, apples, etc.  As you can see, there’s a baby in the house.

When I’m ready to fill my shopping cart, I select the items I want (or all items in my master list) and add them to my cart with one click.  I can continue shopping by department and adding items to my cart as desired until I am ready to check out.

At check out you can add a note, indicate if substitutions are allowed, and reserve a time slot for delivery or pick up.  At my store, I prefer “pickup” with a shopping fee of $10 (delivery option is extra).  Finalize your order and you’re done!

You pay for your groceries when you pick up at the store. Use the drive-through for speediest pickup.

Helpful Customer Service

The first time I tried this service, the store called me and said they didn’t have a particular brand I asked for, and would a substitution be OK.  At the store for pick up, my shopper was so nice and helpful – she removed an item I changed my mind about, let me add a few things I had forgotten, and accepted coupons.  I wondered why I hadn’t tried this sooner!

The only caveat is fresh produce might not be what you would have selected; if you have strong preferences, you may want to consider leaving those items off your list and shopping for those yourself.

Save Money Too

Online groceries can save money as well as time.  All sales are clearly marked in red letters so you can’t miss them.

Sort items by “Unit Price” to see which one is really the least expensive. Let the computer do the math, instead of you standing in aisle three with grumpy kids in tow.

Enter your store loyalty member number into your profile, and you automatically get the sale price at check out, even if you forgot your card. You get the idea here.

ShopRite Shop from Home

If you live in CT, DE, NJ, NY, or PA – see if there is a Shop from Home ShopRite near you.

ShopRite Shop from Home

Other Options

If you live elsewhere, ask your store if they offer online shopping, or try one of these services:

Netgrocer Online Grocer


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