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The Easiest Way to Follow Your Favorite Blogs

I like my inbox empty. The last time that happened I was wearing a suit with padded shoulders and pantyhose. Some things I’m happy to never see again.

A slimmer inbox, though – that can make a comeback anytime. When I realized that many of the emails landing daily in my mailbox were from blog feeds, I decided to give Bloglovin a try.

Enjoy Favorite Content

There are so many wonderful blogs out there. By subscribing to my favorites via Bloglovin, I get one daily email with a short summary of all the new posts.


Not Just for Blogs

Anything with an RSS feed is up for grabs. I added Zulily and my local Groupon deals to my subscriptions. Both sites are great places to find discounts. Anything new and it shows up in the Bloglovin summary just like any other blog post.

bloglovin-groupon bloglovin-zulily

Sort & Filter As You Like

Bloglovin lets you create groups, so you can organize and drill down into content as you like. In this way you’re using Bloglovin more like an RSS reader, but with a cleaner, more “Facebook” news feed look.


Unplug Entirely

If you really want to unplug, turn notifications off. Sign in to Bloglovin whenever you have the itch to read up on your faves.


Give It a Test Drive

is an easy, free tool that helps me slim down the inbox but still follow all the blogs I enjoy – on my time. Manage subscriptions and get updates from one source, no matter how many blogs you want to follow.


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  1. Samantha

    02/28/2013 at 11:36 am

    Fellow bloggers, in case you’re wondering I asked Bloglovin if subcriptions to blogs through them still counted towards that blog’s RSS count. The answer:

    Yes you are still counted as a subscriber. bloglovin’ generates traffic to the blog as we send the reader to the blogs. For blogs with many followers, we’re often a top traffic source.
    Best regards, Johanna Carlberg, Bloglovin

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