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The Digital Dumps… Going Down

One of my Trolley Cat Tech clients recently said to me, “I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one with technical problems”. Yes, rest assured, no one is exempt from technical breakdowns. Here is my week in review. Enjoy 🙂

First, the Printer

My Canon home printer, less than a year old, stopped working. This required time to troubleshoot, email Canon, confirm warranty, troubleshoot some more. It’s working, but expect it to happen again a day after the warranty expires.

Next, the Car Radio

I picked up this iPhone adapter thingy last week. You slip it into your car radio cassette player so you can enjoy your iTunes library from a smartphone. I ripped open the packaging, threw away the receipt, and the very next day – the car radio died, rendering the adapter thingy useless.

I now have a new car radio. Cost: $350, 45 min in Best Buy with two bored and whiny kids, and two hours and a babysitter to take car back for the installation. Good times.


Moving On… Cable TV

Last night I decide to actually sit down and relax with some TV. Looking forward to it, I settle onto the sofa with a glass of wine and my cat. Turn on TV. Here appeared my screen for an hour before turning it off. This morning, same screen. Kids clamoring for their morning show. We do a craft instead.

Finally, the Camera

Oh, my beloved camera. Also Canon. This morning I turned it on, heard alarming beeping sounds, and saw this message before it turned itself off, lens stuck in the open position. Repeat.

Can you believe all this in only one week? Got any good technology rants to share?

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