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Modern Picture Framing with Glass

Printing your photos to glass is an easy and modern way to enjoy photo favorites. FractureMe and Pictoglass are two good options. If you like trying new ways to enjoy your digital photos, give glass prints a try.

I recently tried a new way to print and hang my favorite photos – on glass. I uploaded two photos to the website, and two weeks later my “Fractures” arrived, safely packaged in foam padding and ready to hang on the wall. I immediately loved the shiny surface and ease of installation – no frame necessary. And the glass medium is fun and modern.

Ready to hang

Customer Service That Really Shines

One of the prints looked a bit darker to me than the original file. When I emailed customer service to ask about a possible reprint, I received a personal reply from the Fracture Team, who graciously offered to brighten and reprint not just the one photo in question but both of my Fractures, at no cost to me.

And because I liked them so much, I asked if I could have them reprinted at the next larger size, paying the difference in cost. Done and done – and they look great! I’m enjoying these 18 inch (measured diagonally) prints every night at tub time.

Jazz up a vintage bath with modern glass prints

Save Some Money with Flash Sales

An 18 inch print costs $35. Flash sales sites often run promotions for digital photos printed to canvas and glass, so keep an eye out for them. I bought my Fractures with a $15 voucher from Jasmere, worth $35. Also on Jasmere, I bought a $16 voucher for PictoGlass, another photo-to-glass vendor, worth $40.

Jasmere Vouchers

Savings Tip

Jasmere and other flash sales sites often run promotional discounts for digital photography print services, so keep an eye out for that especially as the holidays approach. Have fun with it!

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