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Make Shopping Easier with a Mobile Album

I like to hit up the spring and fall consignment sales for kids’ clothes. Great deals! Which diminish somewhat when I bring home *another* pair of boy’s size 10 snow pants because I forgot that size was already stashed away.

So here’s something I find useful. Before I put the $4 rain boots away, I take a quick snap with the size jotted down on a sticky note.

I include all these pics in a “Mobile Album” on my phone, so the next time I’m shopping I can reference it and avoid buying duplicates.



Other Ideas

You know what else is helpful to keep in the Mobile Album?

  • Haircut idea to show stylist
  • Nail polish color I like
  • Projects or items needed at hardware store
  • Printer ink, light bulbs that I buy frequently
  • License plate, for when hotels or the DMV ask for it

Now I don’t have to remember what cartridge numbers my printer requires, or struggle to explain to the very patient sales guy at Home Depot what kind of doohickey I need.

Easy to Do

10153-syncI prefer the desktop to be my central location, so I always choose “delete items after import” when prompted.

If any photos might be useful on the go, I drag them into an album I named “Mobile Album” (so clever).

Then over in iTunes, this album is checked off to keep it synced to my phone.

I reference the album at least once a week. It makes shopping a lot easier!

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