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Let’s Do the Monster Mash

Did you know that Pandora has holiday themed stations like Halloween Party and Christmas Jazz? With Hurricane Sandy keeping us all at home from school and work, the kids and I did some crafting while listening to the Monster Mash station. Pandora’s free Internet radio is a great way to enjoy your favorites and experiment with new styles.

Free Internet Radio

If you’re not familiar, Pandora is free Internet radio – personalized. To select a station, just enter the name of a favorite song, artist, or genre. Pandora does the rest, using its vast collection of analyzed music to offer up songs with similarities to your choice.

Click a thumbs up or down for any song, and Pandora remembers your preferences and uses this information to further refine your stations. You can create up to 100 unique stations.

A paid subscription is available for $36/year which removes ads, provides higher sound quality, and fewer interruptions.

Music Anywhere

I streamed Monster Mash from the Pandora app on my iPhone, plugged in to our Sony radio. You can also listen to Pandora on your computer.

Don’t have a car radio with a built-in iPod player or wireless Blue Tooth? You can still enjoy Pandora on the go – just pick up one of these Cassette Tape Adapters and plug your smartphone into that old cassette player.

May I Have This Dance

Of course, you can make Pandora a social experience, by following your friends to discover new music and sharing your tunes with them. If you don’t want to participate, take a minute to turn off these options under “Settings -> Privacy”. They are turned on by default.

Uncheck these settings for maximum privacy

Happy Halloween

I’m listening to Pandora while I write this. A song caught my attention, I clicked “buy on iTunes” and suddenly found myself making my very first iTunes music purchase. So much for “free” Internet radio.

The eerie, entrancing Bram Stoker’s Dracula sound track will be making our Halloween this year very spooky indeed.

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