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Keep a Closer Eye on Holiday Packages

We love our walkable neighborhood, but unfortunately package theft happens. With the stream of packages arriving at my door this time of year, I signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager. Delivery Manager gives you control over your deliveries, so you can be home to receive them.


IMG_2562Most useful to me are the notifications. I chose text messages for scheduled packages and estimated delivery times, and a phone call when the package hits my doorstep – which really works! As I answer the automated call, the FedEx truck is still out front of my house.

Sign up for FedEx’s free Delivery Manager and keep sticky fingered elves off your stuff for good.

  • Customize delivery times and addresses
  • Hold your delivery at a FedEx location
  • Sign for your delivery in advance
  • Provide specific delivery instructions
  • Request a vacation hold


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