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Keep a Closer Eye on Holiday Packages: UPS My Choice

Sign up for two simple and free delivery managers to help keep a closer eye on holiday packages and reduce the risk of theft.

If Santa’s most helpful elf is named Amazon, you might be concerned about package theft like me. Unfortunately, it happens. To minimize the risk, today I signed up for UPS My Choice. It’s pretty much the same thing as the FedEx Delivery Manager I subscribed to two years ago. Both services are free.

I elected to get a heads-up text alert the day a package is out for delivery, and again when it is delivered so I can bring it inside right away, or ask a neighbor if I’m not home.

Most important! Bypass the front door and designate a safer location for delivery. Lots of choices. In my experience with FedEx, not all delivery people will comply, but some is better than none. And their delivery alerts arrive immediately – literally my phone is ringing as the truck is pulling away from my house.

UPS My Choice: tell UPS where you want your packages delivered

Tell UPS where you want your packages delivered

You could get Fancy Pants and invest in a video doorbell like Ring but I haven’t gone in that direction yet. Some of my neighbors have, and catching thieves on camera is super helpful to the police. So thank you to those early adopters in my neighborhood.

Stay safe and Happy Holidays to all! Except those package nabbers. Bah humbug to you.

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