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Jazzing Up the Desktop

What’s boring? Default icons.

I just jazzed up my Mac desktop with some fun alternatives. It’s super easy to change them.


Even better, I used this trick to help my son find the Spelling City website that he uses for homework every week. He loves macaws! Now he can find it easily.


First Find Some Icons You Like

I found plenty of options at Pixel Girl Presents. Animal, holiday, cute, food, nature, and more, all free. Download and unzip to your desktop.

Copy the Icon You Want

Right-click on the desired icon and choose “Get Info”.


The Info Box will pop up. Click on the tiny icon at top left (notice the “blue halo” around it, indicating that it is selected).


Choose Edit -> Copy or use your copy shortcut.

Paste the Icon Where You Want It

Now go to the icon you want to change, and right-click to open its Info Box.

Click on the tiny icon at top left, and choose Edit -> Paste or use your paste shortcut.


Voilà – fun new icon!


Good To Know

Not sure how I got an icon for a website like Spelling City onto my desktop? That’s easy too.

Open the desired website in your browser. Look for a tiny icon just to left of the website address. In Chrome this is a document icon. In Firefox, it’s a globe.

Click and drag it to your desktop. That’s it!


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