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I Dumped Cable to Save $840 a Year

Where I live in the city of Wilmington Delaware, I had ONE option for Internet access and that was Comcast. Three years ago I signed up for the “double-play” of Internet access and the very basic cable package. No landline for the phone and no sports.

For this I paid $125/month. And that was after I bought my own router and stopped renting their equipment for an additional $10 monthly. Oddly, if I dumped cable and went to just Internet – the plan price went up.

I felt stuck, and I was.

But no more – FINALLY a competitor to Comcast arrived in our town. WhyFly is a local company who I now pay $55/month for Internet service with no contract, no data limit, no rental fees, and 24 x 7 friendly, responsive, human customer support.

I ran both services in tandem for a month to make sure WhyFly’s speed was good and indeed it was. Then back to Comcast went the box and I officially became a cord-cutter!

That translates into an extra $840 in my pocket every year. It’s a nice Christmas present, don’t you think?

I encourage you to keep an eye on the Internet providers in your area, and I wish WhyFly and other local competitors the best as they continue to shake up this market.

Next up I will talk about how to replace those channels that you might miss – our favorite, Animal Planet! – with cheaper cable alternatives and even some totally free channels to be had out there.

Comcast competitor WhyFly

Comcast competitor WhyFly beams their Internet signal across Wilmington

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