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Going Beyond Groupon with Zulily and

Groupon’s been in the news lately, and I’ve picked up a few Groupons myself. Now I want to share two tasty little discount sites, primarily for baby and young children’s clothes and products, that I use as well.


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Most of my kids’ clothes are consignment and hand-me-downs, but for special occasions, gifting, and some fun boutique-y items, visit

Unlike Groupon where there is just one deep discount a day, Zulily has multiple sales or “events” running at the same, each lasting a few days or more.  The product selection is fun, varied, and well priced considering most of the brands are higher end.

One feature I really like is the “View by size” selector.  That way I can filter the styles by size – saving some time and disappointment when I click on an adorable dress and find it’s not available in 24mo.

Not Just Baby Clothes

In addition to baby and kids clothing, you’ll find great deals on other higher end products:

  • baby furniture
  • strollers
  • maternity clothes
  • women’s and children’s shoes
  • lingerie

Here are few recent samplings from Zulily. Note free registration is required to browse the product gallery.

Cute Clothes

Baby Gear

For Mama

Baby Steals

Baby Steals operates more like Groupon, with two sales daily, each lasting only 12 hours.  Morning sale is posted at 9am MDT and evening sale at 9pm.  The prices are usually 50% off retail, and I’ve gotten some good deals here too.

Baby Steals

Kid Steals

Kids Steals, a sister site to Baby Steals, but for kids’ clothes, accessories, and toys.

Kid Steals

Enjoy the discounts!

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  1. Betsy McConnell

    02/21/2011 at 2:43 pm

    I have used Zulily, but never heard of baby/kid Thanks for the tip!

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