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DIY With Your Little Gal or Guy

To enjoy some DIY with your little gal or guy, visit Built by Kids. Here you will find how-to’s and inspiration for all kinds of cool projects like tree forts and sandboxes.

Pass down important life skills, learn safety tips, and find product reviews, contests, and more.

Get Outside

There’s a whole section for outdoor projects, like this Tree Swing for Two that is just begging to be installed in our big backyard tree. Perfect summer project!

Tree Swing for Two

This flower box project, rated “Easy”, was built by a dad with his two boys aged 5 and 2, with materials costing about $5.

Spirit of Recycling

I like the spirit of recycling and low-cost fun you can have using things around the house, like these low-tech shakers and maracas that even the littlest ones can help make, and shake.

Pass Down Important Life Skills

Teach Your Kids to Use ToolsBuilding something with your kids is fun and educational too. You’ll be passing down important skills that they’ll use throughout their lives. Browse the Education section for helpful topics like:

Safety First

You’ll also find important safety tips, like Treehouse Safety Tips for Each Season and Teach Your Child to Use a Hand Saw Safely.

Children Hand Saw Safely

Seasonal Fun

Not just for summertime fun, Build by Kids offers seasonal projects throughout the year, like How To Build a Compost Bin For Rotting Pumpkins and Family Tradition: Cutting the Christmas Tree.

Compost Bin for Rotting Pumpkins

Reviews, Coupons, Contests, and Shop

Find product reviews, like this Red Toolbox available at Lowes, coupons and a coming-soon online store that will offer activity kits and kid-sized tools, aprons, gloves, and glasses. Join the Built by Kids Club for exclusive coupon codes and first dibs on giveaways and contests.

Happy Building

I’m going to call it now – the Tree Swing for Two is our project, and we’ll post photos of it at the end of the summer. Let us know what you think of Built by Kids and what you want to make with your family!

All photos credited to Built by Kids

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