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Build Your Community with Nextdoor

One of my daily blessings is the neighborhood where we live. It’s the kind of community where neighbors help find lost pets, lend tools, and watch your house when you’re on vacation.

So when I discovered the free community-building website Nextdoor, I joined right away. After careful review, I invited my neighbors to join too.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Using Nextdoor, we can connect with each other to stay informed and share useful local information. The Nextdoor manifesto says it best:

  • We are for neighbors.
  • For neighborhood barbecues. For multi-family garage sales. For trick-or-treating.
  • We’re for slowing down, children at play.
  • We’re for sharing a common hedge and an awesome babysitter.
  • We’re for neighborhood watch. And for just keeping an eye out for a lost cat.

Your Privacy Is Protected

Each community website within Nextdoor is private. Only residents of the neighborhood can join, and each member verifies their address with a simple automated phone call and verification code.

nextdoor-05Other privacy protections include:

  • Every neighbor signs in with their real name. Just like in person.
  • Your website is protected by password and encrypted by HTTPS.
  • Information shared will never show up in Google or other search engines.
  • Nextdoor never shares your personal information with third-party advertisers.

Find Your Neighborhood

Already over 12,000 neighborhoods are using Nextdoor. See if yours is there by searching on your address.


Not There? Start a New Neighborhood Site

If your neighborhood isn’t on Nextdoor yet, why not launch a new Nextdoor neighborhood and get a $25 Amazon Gift Card ? It’s super easy to define your community’s boundaries on a map.

I used the borders of our homeowner’s association. You could simply use a natural boundary or however many blocks make sense to you. Then invite your neighbors to join.


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Paws up! If you use our referral link to launch a new Nextdoor neighborhood, we both get $25 Amazon gift cards. Our total earnings are summarized here, and at year’s end we add any income from this blog to our annual support of the Delaware Humane Association.

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