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Amazon Saved My Pot Roast

I make the yummiest beer-braised pot roast, and last Thursday’s snow storm was the perfect day to enjoy it. I was all ready to start searing when – WAIT!

Where is my favorite Braises and Stews cookbook?!

braises-stewsI must have loaned it out, or maybe it was lost in our recent move. In either case, I was bummed. It’s a simple recipe but I just couldn’t recall it confidently.

Pulling open my iPad, I first checked Plan to Eat to see if I had saved the recipe there (no). Next I stopped at Amazon – I’m not sure why – but there happily learned that because I had purchased the hard copy book with them, I could buy the Kindle version of it for $2.99 (normally $9.99).

Thanks Amazon. It was delicious!


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