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Bingo + Monster Mash: a Night of Halloween Fun with Help from Pandora and My Printer

Since keeping a paperless office, my printer stays pretty dormant but I will turn it on for a fun printable like this. Last night we played Halloween bingo and Avery won all four rounds and she wasn’t even cheating this time! Thank you to Crazy Little Projects for this free printable Halloween bingo set.

To set the mood we lit three candles, each wrapped with a spooky scene. Print the art, wrap candle, secure with tape. Halloween decorations done. Thanking Mr. Printables for this free spooky Halloween printable.

Finally, we tuned into Family Halloween Radio on Pandora, and streamed it to my Sonos speaker in the kitchen.

A night of totally free family fun, if you don’t count the computer, printer, printer ink, Internet connection, and Sonos speakers. Hahaha.

Everybody do the Monster Mash and Happy Halloween!

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