Daily Dose of Cuteness

To start your day with a smile, stop over at one of these three sites, serving up daily doses of furry cuteness.

There’s a new baby in the house! We recently adopted a nine week old gray kitten from Forgotten Cats, a cat rescue organization in Delaware.

In honor of Twilight’s arrival to our family, this week’s post is dedicated to adorable baby animals. To start your day with a smile, stop over at one of these sites.

Cute, Cuter, and Cutest

Both Cutearoo and CuteOverload serve up daily doses of furry cuteness.  Like these adorable snoozin’ bunnies.

Or surprise twin fillies.

If a crib full of baby pandas doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will!

Sometimes the captions are laugh-out-loud funny.

Are you going to eat those peanuts? How about that orange juice?

I’m still laughing over this one, titled New Pork Tock Exchange.

Tocks are not very active today, assets will be ending down on unusual volume.

Some people get really creative.

Call now, Kittoperators are standing by.

On both sites you can search by animal, or by tags like “swimming” and “costumes”. If you’ve got cuteness in the house, submit your own entry for consideration. There’s plenty of video too, like this baby duck feeding fish. Really.


For something both cute and educational, visit ZooBorns. Here you’ll get photos and stories of the latest animal births at zoos and aquariums around the world. You can search by animal, or location. See if your local zoo has any new babies to meet in person.

Israel welcomed a rare red-haired baby baboon earlier this year.

Rare red haired baboon

It’s a baby giraffe for Cleveland’s Metropark Zoo! Did you know that newborn giraffes are about 6-feet tall and weigh 100 to 150 pounds?

Cleveland’s baby giraffe

Celebrate along with Perth Zoo in Australia the birth of a nearly-extinct baby Gibbon.

The White-cheeked Gibbon is a critically endangered species quite literally on the brink of extinction so Nakai and every single gibbon is precious.” – Holly Thompson, Perth Zoo keeper and one of Nakai’s primary carers.

Nakai, baby gibbon and zoo keeper

The Bottom Line

When you need a lift, visit one of these cute baby animal sites. I added them to my RSS news reader. Instead of visiting them directly, I see a summary of the latest adorable faces. Dreadful news, abhorrent 90+ degree weather for the next 7 days, and an irresistible Pile o’ Pups to turn that frown upside down.

RSS news reader

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