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12 Simple Ways to Tame Paper Chaos Around the House

When my son Brian started kindergarten last year, I couldn’t believe how much paper came home from school each day. On top of mail, bills, bank statements, warranties, receipts, and more — managing paper took on a whole new dimension.

I’ve always been a natural organizer. It’s just something I like to do. Over the years I’ve come to accept that staying on top of things is a continually evolving process. Our lives change; technologies change.

Along the way, I’ve devised a few strategies to help manage the Paper Parade. I still turn the house upside down looking for things, and run out the door without coupons. But with a few systems and some regular effort, I’ve been able to keep home life a bit more manageable.

Visit me on over at Frugal Mama where I share 12 simple ways to help tame paper chaos around the house. I’m thrilled to be guest writing again at this warm and wonderful blog by Amy Suardi.


  1. John

    04/12/2013 at 10:15 am

    Hi Sam,

    I followed the link and was so happy to find that pic of your mom sleeping with one of her babies on her chest (you I think).

    How the heck did your parents sire such a toe-heads?

    Thanks for the tips although I don’t get any mail (I kept a trashcan in the foyer and no junk even made it into the house).

    God Bless Samantha.



    1. Samantha

      04/27/2013 at 11:25 am

      Hi John, yes that is me and Judy circa 1972. Check out my dad as a kid and you will see how they sired towheads: Plus my mom is mostly Irish with a little Italian – hence her dark hair and blue eyes.

      Thank you for writing in 🙂 Hope you are enjoying warm sun and waves today.

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